About Vincent

Vincent Shao is currently a senior at Kitsilano Secondary School in Vancouver, Canada. Before moving to Vancouver, he was born and raised in Harbin, China. Vincent’s multicultural experience has fostered in him an adventurous adaptability and wide diversity of interests.

Vincent constantly seeks to share his own competencies and contribute to the general well-being of those around him. As the representative of Vancouver Point Grey district within the British Columbia Youth Parliament (BCYP), Vincent has participated several outreach projects across the province as inspired by BCYP’s motto “youth serving youth.” In addition to actively engaging with social issues and developing a service mindset, he is also eager to gain knowledge and experience of different societies. In 2016, Vincent has helped create the federally registered Greater Vancouver Youth Business Association (GVYBA), poising to provide a platform for like-minded youth in Lower Mainland area to explore their business-related interests together. Vincent is glad to be part of the youth business community in Vancouver and currently working as GVYBA’s regional director to promote community-based events, as well as organizing company tours and entrepreneurial forums.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, Vincent has involved in student companies supervised by Junior Achievement. As recently elected for the CEO position of the Junior Achievement Company Program at his high school, Vincent has worked with his business teacher to coordinate this program and to offer the opportunity for students at his high school who share an enthusiasm in business. Vincent is looking forward to bringing positive impacts in immediate and global communities as a problem-solving, socially responsible entrepreneur.



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